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Spring summer 2020

Spring summer 2020 Collection

Due to the confinement, I was unable to call on my photographer and the models and makeup artist.
In order to present the Spring summer collection at time, I photographed my 7 new designs myself.

For this collection I chose to work the Lin yarn (pure linen) and numéro 10 (pure silk floss) by combiningthem for the Angélique sweater and stole and by playing on the number of threads : 2 threads or 3 threads to create denser or more openwork stitches.

Likewise, the saules jacket is entirely made with assemblies of Lin, numéro 10 and Aztec threads.

The colors are inspired by a natural palette for the jacket Saules, Angélique sweater and stole and Papillon des Marais boléro.

The Nénuphars stole is made with Lin yarn in pastel colors and the center of the squares display all the colorfull shades
of konyaklu yarn
For the Oiseau Bleu sweater, I choose a new yarn for the depth of its bue and green color.

I  wish you a lot of fun discovering this collection and I remain at your disposal for advise you and provide you with more information.

Danièle Dietrich
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