GIFT Voucher

GIFT Voucher 

GIFT Voucher
25.00 EUR 
22.29 USD 


The gift VOUCHER has a unit value of € 25.00 which you can multiply in your order by 2 for a gift VOUCHER of € 50.00, by 3 for a gift VOUCHER of € 75.00, etc …

The gift VOUCHER has a unique number which is perfectly identified by ELLE TRICOTE and its validity date is 1 year.

Using this gift VOUCHER is simple. The beneficiary of the gift VOUCHER when ordering, ticks the box "Cheque" and writes down the gift voucher's number in the commentary box.

If the amount of the order is superior to the gift VOUCHER, the beneficiary will pay the difference, only by cheque.

If the amount is lower, the difference will generate a credit note to use for another order.

Shipping costs  : The value of one or several gift VOUCHERS are increased with the shipping costs (€7.15  for France) invoiced when ordering. Thus, the shipping costs are compensated when using the gift VOUCHER(S).


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