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Byzance Autumn Winter 2020

Byzance Fall winter collectionAutomne hiver 2020

At the crossroads between East and West, Byzantine clothing evolved from clothing worn during the Roman Empire,

adding colors and patterns imported by merchants from the East and the Middle East as well as the influence and

traditions of the peoples who were associated in one way or another with the Byzantine Empire.

  It will achieve a variety and richness of colors, fabrics and ornaments far beyond the periods

splendours of Rome. The basic garment at the beginning of the Byzantine Empire was the tunic for both sexes as

well as the gown for men and the stola for women.

  The Byzantine mosaic, which peaked between the 6th and 15th centuries, has its roots in a long

tradition from ancient Greece and Rome.

 The Byzantines appreciated the color and the rich patterns that merchants brought back from their travels in the East.

Deep reds, blues, greens and yellows of all shades appeared on the clothes of the rich then

that the color purple was reserved for the emperor.

  I translated the richness of the patterns of the Byzantine stoles by jacquards on the large stoles in

working in assemblies of several patterns, geometric patterns, floral.

 The degraded threads give the stoles the patina of old clothes.


I invite you to discover it

Daniele Dietrich

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