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Autumn / Winter 2017/2018

The Autumn-Winter 2017/18 collection is inspired by the landscape and the plants of the Vosges.

A mix of bohemian-chic, romance and poetical spirit, it declines many jacquard motifs, lace stitches,
embroideries and a little of crochet.

The choosen colors for this collection are like the colors of the plants in the heights and of the pine forests covered with moss and lichens : Some blue, pink, green and warmer tones from orchre to dark braun.
The yarns offer a variety of colors in the autumn's range.

The celebration's stitches take on the off-white color for a snow princess figure.

Materials goes from Silk Tweed, Cashemire Tweed, Wool and Mohair.

I take you on a walk of the Vosge's mountains to discover my new collection and I wich you a sweet moment.

Danièle Dietrich
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