My collections

Inspirations Slaves
From the Baltic sea to the Black sea, the Slavic textiles traditions have inspired me this collection. Expressing the unique nature of the Slavic soul attibuted to the attachment to the past, the mysticism, the dream and this felling beyond any reason, was notonly a real pleasure but also a challenge........
Danièle Dietrich
The Highlands, green land, its bewitching landscapes and its
mysterious moors inspired my collection. 
I wish you a pleasant moment discovering my créations ....
Danièle Dietrich
Au fil du Doubs
The sun decreases its course and the rain swells it, making it discover the fields and meadows it floods.
My color palette for the spring summer 2021 collection is inspired
by my long daily walks .....
Danièle Dietrich
The Silva collection is a tribute to nature, which rejuvenates, soothes and inspires.
Diving into the heart of a forest awakens our deep and buried instincts.
It is also the world of tales and stories that rocked our childhood and fueled our imagination.....
Danièle Dietrich
Inspired by Byzantine art, fairisle motifs borrowed from Hellesnism, Orientalism and Romamism are juxtaposed and harmonized to recall the richness and beauty
of Byzantine art.....
Danièle Dietrich
Un week-end à la campagne
The Fall-Winter collection takes you to the countryside.
Spend time in the garden to enjoy the last rays of sunshine and the late afternoons when you are already wrapping yourself in comfortable and soft shawls.....
Danièle Dietrich
 Maison de Campagne
We often long for a country house where we spent several summers of our childhood.
A rural and romantic countryside bathed in soft light and paths lined country flowers whose perfume still intoxicates us......
Danièle Dietrich
Jardin de Berchigranges
A few months ago, Monique and Thierry Dronet invited me to their magnificent garden in Berchigranges to shoot
the Fall Winter 2018/2019 collection.
Then it was obvious thet this garden was going to inspire
my whole collection......
Danièle Dietrich
Château de Thanvillé
The Thanvillé castel, a fortress built in the 11th century, is located on the old Route du Sel at the entrance to the Val de Villé, in Alsace.
Today it takes the form of a majestic lowland castle,
once surrounded by water.
Its current form dates from the 18th century.
I would like to thank the entire Wagner family, current
owners, for allowing me to photograh this collection
in this magnificent setting....
Danièle Dietrich
Le Chalet
I take you on a walk on the Vosges stubble to discover this collection inspired by high altitude plants and spruce forest covered with mosses and lichens....
Danièle Dietrich