Spring / Summer - Au fil du Doubs

Aida jacket 

115.00 EUR 
102.55 USD 
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The Aida jacket is made ofnuméro 30 and 10 (pure silk bourette), black color
The stripe side wihich forms the basque is a succession of stripes alternating the same threads and a heather gray terry thread and a irregular Ganpi (vegetable) thread.
The astrakhan stitch provides an effect of lace and lightness.
The band is repeated at the wrists.
The bands are hemmedwith pearls to give weight to the borders and a nice drape.
It can be worn all year round !

shade : photographied

needles : 3mm et 3.5 mm

Le kit comprend :

  • the yarns
  • the pattern in French or German
  • the label « ELLE TRICOTE »
  • the buttons and the pearls

the needles are not in the kit


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