Spring / Summer - Au fil du Doubs


19.00 EUR 
16.94 USD 
choose your color :


The Rivgière fichu is knitted in a lace stitc, a stitch that is repeated and easily momorized.
The stitch is interspersed with stripes in garter stitch.
T wear to protect yourself from the wind, the sun or to give a country style to your outfits.

Choose a color in the range of numéro 30 to combine it with your stoles and shawls.

Photographed Shade : Sand


Autres coloris disponibles :

  Orange     Soleil      Océan

  Noir          Galet      Amande


  Rose        Mica

Knitting needles : 3 - 3.5mm

The kit includes :

  • The required quantity of yarns
  • A detailed pattern in French
  • The « ELLE TRICOTE » label to sew on

The knitting needles are not included in the kit.


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