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Nature Inspiration Collection

Nature inspiration Collection

This collection consists of six  ELLE TRICOTE yarns  créations inspired by elements observed in nature

These yarns are assemblies of 3 to 6 very fine threads of different colors and textures
.These are mainly silk threads,extra kid mohair, wool, alpaca etc...

Irregular threads are combined to give substance, mohair threads to give softness, bulky and soft,
threads of silk tweeds to give life and rhythm.

Ailes de corbeau 
 Five threads mixing midnight blue, black, grey punctuared with a little brown to reproduce the color indefinable
and changeable crow's wings.

Prairies fleuries
Five threads inspired by the light and soft colors of  a flowery meadow.

Five threads inspired by the red, pink, fuchsia, orange reflections of poppies

Five threads inspired by the barks of dark grey trees with blue and brown reflections.

Three threads inspired by the colors and texture of Achilles for ad subtle blend of white, écru and beige.

Mousse et lichens
Six threads inspired by the very intense greens of mosses and lichens in the wet meadows.

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