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Old designs

This range includes all the old designs that can no longer be available with the same colors but with the current colors.
I can not knit tem again for lack of time but I can advise you a new harmony.
You can reach me at 0787265092, I am at your disposal.
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Kit Louise cardigan
83.00 EUR 
Kit skirt Petronia
108.40 EUR 

Kit skirt Petronia

Contact us of other colors

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Kit Ondine skirt
149.70 EUR 
kit Maritza dress
123.50 EUR 
Kit Tara stole
159.50 EUR 

Kit Tara stole

Fall Winter 2016/17

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Impatiente Shawl Kit
173.00 EUR 
Balsamine Scarf Kit
159.00 EUR 
Veronique Sweater
144.00 EUR 
Kit stole Pokhara
268.00 EUR 
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