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Autum/Winter 2018/2019

Fall-Winter 2018/2019 collection

A few months ago, Monique and Thierry Dronet invited me to their beautiful Berchigranges garden
for the shooting of the Fall Winter 2018/2019 collection.
Then it was obvious that this garden would inspire my entire collection.

This collection is divided into three themes: 
The bohemian garden

The Bohemian garden inspires me with jacquards of flowers reproducing on the stitches its abundance, its freedom and its colors.
A flight of flowers takes hold of a light and transparent shawl.
Eupotoriums line up on a cross jacket and a hollow fold on the back gives it a good size.
The Reine des Prés cardigan made of degraded yarns takes on the colors of the wild flowers of the garden....
The vegetation, the colors, the floral motifs intertwine for impressionist compositions and invite us to travel.

The moss garden

The moss garden inspires me with stories from the Vosges forests. The Silène dress is adorned with medieval jacquard patterns, a large black cape has a large hood, a long silhouette is wrapped in the striped Angelica wrap-around and tied at the back, The colors take the colors of mosses, trees, rocks, lichens and plunge us in a mysterious and strange atmosphere.

The garden in winter

Nature is resting, getting strength.
The stitches are inspired by Nordic patterns, jacquards, twists and noppes.
The colors of wood and bark are thick and warm.

 The Berchigranges model

LeLeaves dancing around the waist, a pretty moss green color, a jossed silk thread, warmed with a mohair thread,
it was enough to seduce Monique and give him the name of Berchigranges.
I invite you to discover this collection and wish you a pleasant moment
Danièle Dietrich
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